FAQs: New construction or renovation?


Here are some common FAQs that our clients ask us.

The city of Barcelona has some special characteristics: It is a compact city with limited opportunities for growth. For this reason, the usual housing model in the city is that of apartments. Therefore, if you want to live in the city (Born, Eixample, Poble Nou, etc.), it is common to buy an apartment and adapt it to your taste by renovating it.


If you want to build a new house, it is common to settle in the south of Barcelona (Gavà, Castelldefels, Sitges, etc.) or in the north (Maresme, Empuriabrava, etc.). In these places you can buy a plot of land and build a house according to your wishes. 


Projektbarcelona will be happy to work with you to develop a range of options specifically tailored to your needs. We are at your disposal as a full service provider, from the beginning of the project to its completion. Not using standard solutions, we develop customized solutions for you. More FAQs:


How do we work? Our “Peace of mind” method:


Knowing the complexity of projects in distant areas, we will accompany you from the first moment on the way to buy a property, adapting it to your tastes and needs. Projekt Barcelona is your local contact and takes care of the whole process. We offer a holistic project and also take care of the complementary services.


Our “Peace of mind” method has been specially developed for international clients who want to buy a property in Catalonia and adapt it to their tastes and needs. We follow the entire process down to the last detail, so you don’t have to worry about anything and can focus on enjoying the experience of building your home.


For each client we provide a contemporary and customized design and ensure that project and construction costs and deadlines are met. And we take care of any setbacks that may occur: we provide “peace of mind.”




As architects, we provide our planning services for a fee that, contrary to popular belief, can be calculated directly as a percentage of the value of the building sum. The legally prescribed fee lists for architects from Spain, the so-called “Baremos de honorarios de arquitectos”, which provide an overview, serve as a guide.


Architect’s chamber: https://www.arquitectes.cat/




Our services include:


· Due diligence for real estate projects.

· New construction and complete renovation.

    Preliminary planning, design planning and execution planning.

· Construction permits.

· Preparation of construction costs. Participation in the awarding of contracts.

· Construction supervision with quality and cost control.


We guarantee:


· A fixed schedule and price, without surprises.

· Quality control of project and work.

· A personalized service tailored to your needs.

· Contemporary and customized design.

· Transparency and professionalism.


Frequency of visits:


This is a common FAQs. The degree of involvement in your project is entirely up to you. We are happy to work with you on site to develop concepts and ideas or to conduct joint site visits. But we also offer our ‘Peace of Mind’ method, which allows you to monitor the entire project and construction process without leaving your home. With our detailed weekly reports, telephone calls and video conferences, you are always up to date and don’t have to worry about anything.




Besides the obvious costs of acquiring land, building materials and labor, there are other costs associated with the construction project. For example, the building permit, which accounts for about 4-5% of the construction cost. Due to our many years of experience, we are able to provide a detailed breakdown of costs, including the identification, control and management of these costs.




This is a very specific point in these FAQs, but some clients find it very relevant. When buying a property, you should take into account the following taxes:

1. Property tax (IBI), about 2% of the cadastral value of the property, which is usually much lower than the actual market value. Quarterly.

2. Real estate transfer tax (ITP or VTA), currently 10% in Barcelona, payable by the buyer.

3. Annual business tax – Relates to the annual income from profits, provided the property is rented out.

4. Capital gains tax – 19% on capital gains.

We have tax attorneys and accountants in our network who are qualified to advise our clients on all of the above tax issues.


For more info about our services or about FAQs contact us directly in our CONTACT or through info@projektbarcelona.com .