Coliving in Barcelona

Barcelona, an ideal place for coliving:


Once the sharing economy has been consolidated and after the phenomenon of coworking, everything indicates that coliving will appear as a new trend in housing. Young urban professionals are defining the way to live and work in cities. And they want a housing model that suits their needs.Co-living has already been implemented in various cities around the world. It still needs to define itself as a model. Barcelona, because of its qualities as a city, has the potential to build a new successful co-living community. In in collaboration with Project Barcelona, we are working to make innovative coliving projects.


Barcelona is a city with an enormous appeal for young professionals. Be it the quality of life, the reasonable prices compared to other European cities, the climate and the beach or the emerging companies or the cultural offer. For more info see here: Living in Barcelona. But the truth is that there is a great demand to work in Barcelona. In the Poble Nou district alone, 5,700 new workers will be added between 2018 and 2020. Most of them are associated with companies like Everis, Criteo, CCC (Facebook), Amazon, etc.


Coliving as a new housing option:


So the question is where these young workers will live with a gross salary of between 30,000 and 40,000 euros per year. Well, there are several possibilities. The possibility of hotel accommodation or tourist accommodation is directly excluded due to the high cost. Thus, we find the following options: Student dormitory in case of study or hostel. There are no more options. Within residential accommodation, there are of course three options: Rent under the LAU with contracts of 5 to 7 years, temporary rent subject to the Civil Code and rent of rooms also subject to the Civil Code . Finally, compliance with the Civil Code implies an agreement between the two parties, and therefore there are no restrictions beyond that the contract must last longer than 31 days.


Are these attractive alternatives for young professionals? Isn’t it a lot of time and money to find a suitable apartment, rent and furnish all the supplies? It is obvious that the traditional housing market is not able to respond to the needs of young professionals. When they come to Barcelona, they want to be in a good place, surrounded by professionals like them, with all the services, without wasting time looking for a good rental and on a click pressure.


The Coliving concept:


Coliving communities are located in buildings renovated with the latest technologies. They are a unique experience as they are part of a community of professionals where they can share experiences and expand networking. Each user has their own private space and shares common spaces with like-minded users. It is a new form of rental: it is completed online, you arrive in the city, you already have your space available and have completed all the deliveries, apart from a number of customizable services. And above all, there are a series of weekly events that strengthen the community and relationships between users.


At least, these are the minimum conditions that a co-living community should meet. Otherwise, we would talk about apartment communities, neighborhood communities or condominiums. For reference, we can look at Old Oak by The Collective, WeLive in Wallstreet or Roam in Bali. These examples show three different models of co-living, but at the same time show us the potential that this new way of living in the city could have.However, the question is whether Barcelona is a suitable place to build a co-living community under the conditions mentioned above.


Momentan entwickeln wir verschiede Coliving-Projekte in Barcelona. Für mehr Info: