Barri Gòtic


Apartment, complete renovation


Finished 2019


ES - Barri Gotic, Barcelona




Adria Goula

Our client in this case was a single German man who just bought this apartment in Barri Gotic to come to Barcelona regularly. His job allows him freedom of movement. Since it was a single person, we rethought the concepts of privacy and usual spaces in a house.


Renovation Barri Gotic is located in the center of Barcelona, next to the Cathedral and in the former Jewish quarter. This apartment is in an old building from the seventeenth century. We completely renovated the apartment for a German client who wanted a location in the city. Our intention was to respect the heritage of the building while accommodating the needs of the owner.


The client wanted a large, open space that connected the living room, dining room, kitchen and master bedroom. We designed a custom bookshelf that connects but also separates these spaces. The size of the bookcase makes it a place in itself.


A 7 meter long and 1.5 meter wide oak bookshelf is the center of the apartment. This bookcase is like a treasure chest, storing the things that the owner bought during his travels around the world. It is a container and because of its dimensions also a room in itself. Renovation Barri Gotic turned out to be a special project.