Sant Just Desvern


Apartment, complete renovation


Finished 2023


ES - Sant Just Desvern, Barcelona




Delrio Bani

We developed this complete apartment renovation in Sant Just Desvern for a Swiss-Mexican couple who decided to return to Barcelona after two decades abroad. It is an apartment that they bought in the nineties but hardly used. Now, twenty years later, we have proposed them an apartment that adapts to their current needs.


Located in Sant Just Desvern, just a few minutes away from Barcelona, the apartment is surrounded by green areas. The main facade overlooks a large square with many trees. On the rear facade is the communal garden of the building. In this way, all the spaces of the apartment are accompanied by the outdoor greenery. The greenery is always present.


In the interior spaces of this apartment renovation in Sant Just Desvern we looked for generosity and crossed views. The spaces are developed tangentially along the entire length of the house, so that two outdoor spaces (main facade and rear facade) are visible at all times. The kitchen becomes part of the living and dining room. The bedroom becomes part of the dressing room.