La Roca del Vallès


Villa, new construction


In progress


ES - La Roca del Valles, Barcelona





The Camino project proposes a new way of life that combines the advantages of living in nature with proximity to the city, while allowing living in a community with private spaces and common areas.

We propose a model for contemporary living: sustainable, efficient, environmentally friendly, in contact with nature, with shared spaces, with state-of-the-art materials and with self-marketing by the owners. A space that allows a better quality of life.


By living in a community, each user has their own private home, but at the same time has shared spaces that are much larger than in a single apartment. Spaces are shared, resources are shared, the community is shared: the swimming pool, the vegetable garden, the parking lot, the barbecue, a space for yoga, a patch of forest, the playground for the children. Sharing elements and living in the community is linked to the idea of sustainability and efficiency and holds enormous ecological potential. It also creates bonds and relationships between the people who live there. Each house has two private outdoor terraces and a large common space where people can live in community.


The apartments are laid out on two floors. With four bedrooms and a large multi-purpose room, the homes are designed to be comfortable to live in while working optimally from home. With the trend of telecommuting on the rise, we feel it is essential to offer this option and ensure it is well integrated into the complex.


We propose a formula that includes a private apartment with shared spaces, a community with people who share a common lifestyle and interests, the possibility of working from home and a sustainable development that allows you to live according to your values and realize the life you believe in.