Apartment, complete renovation


Finished 2010


ES - Pedralbes, Barcelona





An apartment with a conventional four-room structure lost its usefulness when the couple’s children left home. Conditions changed, and therefore the rooms had to be seen from a different perspective: larger, more connected, designed for their new functionality.


This renovation in Pedralbes (Barcelona) has the peculiarity of being surrounded by gardens. Our intention was to connect the greenery and incorporate it into all the spaces. Also, the owners are great lovers of books and art, so the central space of the apartment is a library surrounded by pictures and gardens.


In a kitchen many things happen, and even more when it is a large family. This kitchen is accessible from three different rooms, which makes this room one of the most important rooms in the apartment. In this kitchen combines the clarity of design with the complexity of use.


Elegance and warmth. All the solutions chosen were designed specifically for this renovation in Pedralbes to ensure the comfort of users. From the floor made of German oak, which will later be used as a shelf for towels, to the custom cabinets. In our projects we pay attention to every little detail.