Two German brothers bought this apartment as an investment. They knew Barcelona well and wanted to have a place to stay when they came to visit. Their idea was to have a comfortable and functional apartment with some flair of a typical Barcelona apartment.


Renovation Sagrada Familia is located on Carrer Marina in Barcelona, just a few blocks from Antoni Gaudi’s famous church, La Sagrada Familia. It was in very bad shape and in need of a complete renovation.The budget was tight, and the goal was clear: make the most out if this apartment respecting the past and looking into the present..


A mix of new and traditional materials defines the aesthetic of the apartment. We used concrete tiles, which are part of Barcelona’s tradition, combined with wooden floors and beams. All elements were custom made to create a personal atmosphere.


The essence of an old apartment in a contemporary configuration was the goal of renovation Sagrada Familia. We adapted the spaces to a modern life and gave them the comfort of today. And we let the light in. And it became a cozy and modern apartment that stands the test of time.